GAT International (Gerib - Groupement d'Ingénierie et de Réalisations pour l'Industrie et le Bâtiment – Assistance Technique) was created in 1974 by experienced engineers and on site supervisors committed to develop an efficient partnership policy in numerous industrial fields.

GAT International teams, by their experience, commitment and flexibility are able to adapt themselves to the most different industrial projects. The association of all these capabilities allows GAT International to be efficient when selecting and assigning engineers and supervisors on various sites all over the world.

GAT International offers a wide range of job offers in France, but also abroad.

We collaborate with prestigious French companies working in any field of the industrial sector (metal industry, energy, cement industry, chemical industry, oil & gas industry...). We are permanently in contact with them, in order to be able to propose numerous missions, mainly outside France.

Our clients are looking for engineers and experimented technicians, specialists in their field of application.

We have a great interest in « on site » profiles in the field of work or site supervision abroad, such as: site director, site manager, work supervisors (mechanical, hydraulic, civil works...), commissioning manager, EHS engineer, quality controller...

Still, we can also be looking for profile oriented in the field of studies or training of the local teams, so if you don't find an offer that suits your profile, don't hesitate to contact us via the following link, to forward us your spontaneous application.

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